Let's Connect!

My love of photography began long before I had my first "real camera"... I would burn through some serious film and then wait in anticipation for it to be developed only to discover that many of the photos didn't turn out... can you relate?

Fast forward to owning my first DSLR when my son was born: game changer!

I consider photography a gift.

And one of my greatest joys is working with families to capture the important moments for them. I'm not about perfect, I'm about real-- my favorite shots are often the outtakes- you'll get plenty of those in your gallery. But I also know mom dreams of everyone smiling-- and that in most cases, dad just really is not into it.

I will work hard for you to get that image of "perfection", but I also think perfection is in showing up and letting the magic happen. YOU ARE THE MAGIC!! There is no other family just like yours, and I love discovering and meeting new friends in the community.